about us.

Mission Statement

1. To instill confidence in our customers and demonstrate that we are keenly focused on their ultimate objectives. To that end, Union Strategies Inc. will always work for and with our customers in a manner reflecting the highest ethical principles, the latest technological advances and the business world’s best practices.

2. To blend best-of-breed technologies with expert engineering skills and focused customer services to deliver solutions to our customers to help them improve operational efficiency and increase competitive advantage.

“Many thanks to Fred and the Union Strategies Inc. team for a fast and efficient install of our new VoIP and Call recording systems. They provided everything we needed, including training, to get us up and operational quickly.”

“Union Strategies Inc. has been a partner for all our VoIP and data solutions as well as actively participating in design reviews. They have never let us down, and are always willing to help even with loaner equipment when/if necessary.”


Mission Statement

Top 7 Reasons to Partner with Union Strategies Inc.

Union Strategies Inc. At Your Service. Engaging Union Strategies Inc. means the entire TEAM, not simply purchasing from a reseller who just ships product. Helping you through the entire process. Determining the best product(s) for your requirements. Adding VALUE!

As soon as you engage our service, you have a pool of resources from trained engineers, business developers and other support service departments available. Assisting you with problem solving, requirements, designing, technology-related issues, working with you to make the day-to-day operational tasks of your networks, staff and technology operate at peak efficiency – TEAM Union Strategies Inc. is at your service.

Union Strategies Inc. has been designing, installing and maintaining telephony, data, video, storage, and LAN/WAN networks for over two decades. We have clients with memberships ranging from 100 to 10,000 that depend on the products and services we provide, K-12 and higher education, trades industry, and many budget-challenged local government entities with a variety of technologies to keep their networks up and running efficiently.

Feel free to ask around about us. We have numerous client success stories we are proud to share with you. The level of knowledge, collective skill, personal and detailed attention, the positive attitude behind these successful provision of Union Strategies Inc. Data solutions are guaranteed to be the same behind your own story with us.

Our engineers are experienced in the telephony, network, storage, video, and security products and services we represent. Keeping up on training our engineers is another way we demonstrate our commitment to providing the right the solution, as well as supporting our customers using them. This means more confidence for you. We have the expertise to assist you quickly, competently and comprehensively. We have a commitment to the highest level of customer service. Union Strategies Inc. staffing model is heavily weighted towards engineering, as that’s critical to our customer’s successful implementations, from analyzing the problem, reviewing the environment and installing the solution.

We offer a variety of purchase options to overcome budgetary constraints.

– Lease
– Purchase
– Technology As A Service

We offer a variety of ongoing support options delivered by skilled and trained network engineers to best fit our customer’s requirements.

– Time & Materials
– Project-Based
– Union Strategies Inc. Ongoing Services (USOS)
– Premium Union Strategies Inc. Ongoing Services (USOS-Gold)

We provide a number of assessment services to customers to help define solution requirements. We believe that understanding the problem is essential before designing the solution. We assess various network conditions and scenarios for customers to help you understand what technology is the best fit to meet the overall networking objective. Areas where we provide detailed assessment services include WAN bandwidth utilization, application performance assessments, LAN security analysis, VoIP quality service assessment, video conferencing, wireless, network storage/data management, backup solutions and disaster recovery.

Many times you want to stay with your existing manufacturer. Other times, you’re looking for new solutions or replacements, or to fill a gap. Union Strategies Inc. works closely with a number of manufacturers to be able to provide our customers with a variety of options, features and price ranges. We strive to find the solution that best meets our customer’s requirements, not force our customers to fit a solution.

In summary, the Union Strategies Inc. approach is personal and hands on, backed by a team of competent professionals who are behind you from the moment you sign that agreement all through the life of the business relationship. Allow us to prove it to you by getting in touch with us today.